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Brighton, UK - The Bulldog Pub

The Bulldog Pub is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, gay bars in Brighton. Located on St. James' Street in the heart of the gay and lesbian scene, amongst many other gay and lesbian bars and clubs, The Bulldog is well worth a visit at least once during your trip to Brighton. I recommend popping into The Bulldog Pub at around 11pm on any evening as this is when the happy hour starts and the pub gets busier.

With a mixed crowd of mainly gay men, both visitors and locals, The Bulldog is cruisy and friendly at the same time. The drink prices are at the better value end of the scale and there are happy hours every day between 11pm and midnight and all day Sunday. Due to the currently liberalised drinking laws of Brighton, The Bulldog opens from Friday morning all the way through to Monday morning (without closing at all over the weekends).

Smoking of cigarettes is prohibited in all enclosed public or work places in the UK. Therefore smokers must go outside to the street for a cigarette, however this can add to the social experience as people often meet whilst having a cigarette and may not have otherwise had the chance to chat. Drinks may not be taken outside due to street drinking only being allowed in designated areas (such as seated terraces).

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