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Gay Bars - San Francisco

San Francisco gay bars are plentiful and ever changing. The city's gay scene is vibrant and dynamic with gay bars opening, closing and changing ownership fairly regularly. In my experience the best way to enjoy the gay bars of San Francisco is to read the local gay press for the very latest daily gay bar and club listings.

The main gay village of San Francisco is Castro. Let's have a look at some of the gay bars in the Castro area of San Francisco.

SF Badlands (Address: 4121 18th St, near Castro Street. Tel 415/626-9320. Website: One of San Francisco's most popular and lively gay bars. Particularly popular with younger people. This bar is cruisy and friendly at the same time. This bar seems to be busier earlier in the evening, so a good place to start off a night out in San Francisco.

Bar On Castro (Address: 456 Castro St. Tel 415/626-7220)
This bar used to be Castro Street Station, the building has been completed converted into a very popular venue that gets packed Thursday to Sunday evenings. This bar gets full by 10pm so early arrival is recommended.


Brighton, UK - Life Outside Kemptown

Outside of the main 'gay village' of Brighton, Kemptown, there are a number of more local type gay bars. If you travel along towards Hove you can find some friendly, smaller gay bars. One of the main shopping streets in Brighton is Western Road. If you head along this street towards Hove and turn right up Dean Street, you'll discover a small friendly bar called 'The Prince Arthur'. With a great range of food served during the day and drinks all day and evening and a friendly atmosphere, The Price Arthur is open Monday to Thursday 12-11pm, Friday and Saturday 12 - 1am and Sunday 12-11pm.

Travel further along Western Road towards Hove and you will get to Norfolk Square, take a left turn into this square and walk down Western Street, towards the seafront. Here you'll find one of the newest gay bars in Brighton, 'The Grosvenor'. This bar attracts a mixture of locals and visitors to Brighton and Hove, it's friendly atmosphere makes it a great place to start you evening out in Brighton.

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